Sunday, November 19, 2006

I wish I had Venus' Backhand, Not Just her Nose!

Other than Venus and Evander I don't have a clue who these people are. Anybody have some info that might help? I guess I'll have to do some research tomorrow!

If you are curious you can go to the following link to do your own research:

Back in the saddle again!

After nearly six months of missing in action the Brimhall Bunch is back. We have successfully moved all of our possessions from Lubbock, TX and now reside in St. Louis, MO. Obviously, successful in this case means tying as much stuff as possible on top of your car so it will all fit. We are so grateful that "Poppy" (Heather's Dad) came to help us with our move. Without his ingenuity we would have never been able to save those plastic laundry baskets! Ironically, we spent nearly two days of hard physical labor and strenuous mental energy to design a way that we could keep Katie's big girl house. And yet, it sits in our backyard and has never been used. In fact, it hadn't officially been assembled until yesterday afternoon (four months later). Fortunately, the reason it hasn't been used is because all of the children in our neighborhood (and there are a lot) all play out front in our cul-de-sac. As a result, they never venture in to our backyard. It really is an amazing neighborhood. After being here for several days Dad Baker nick named the subdivision "Cleaverville" because everyday that we came home the kids were out riding their bikes around the circle and the parents were sitting in their drive ways conversing. We have really loved the neighborhood and have felt very supported. As far as the house, perhaps when Baker gets into his, "I want to have a big girl house" stage he can use it. If nothing else it forced me and Dad Baker to be creative with our knots and our rope. What an adventure.

As for leaving Texas it was one of the hardest things that we have ever had to do as a family. We miss being Red Raiders and "getting our guns up." Even Baker at six months had learned the ways of the land. But we know that we are being watched over and protected and that the Lord has our best interest at heart. Although we truly miss Lubbock, and the many friends and family that we left behind, we have absolutely loved St. Louis. It is a decent size city that has an enormous amount of things to provide a family. We have been here now for almost four months and we have barely begun to scratch the surface of what is available. One thing that we didn't realize is that they officially lowered the legal driving age to four. As a result, Katie has been out exploring the sites of downtown with her little gang (the tatoo's and earrings are hard to see from this distance, but make no mistake, they are there). That little gang is Katie and her three little cousins from Orlando. We were very blessed to have them come visit us shortly after our relocation. It was nice to have Shelby and her children in our home. Having people that we love dearly that close definitely helped with the transition period. Katie continues to talk about the memories they made during their trip to St. Louis.

As I close, I want to apologize for dropping the ball on this site. I think it is a wonderul way to stay in contact with friends and family and get updates from the ones we love. There are several fun stories that I want to share regarding our move to St. Louis. As a result I have committed to try and blog one entry each Sunday. Rather than going back and trying to catch up I am going to start on our current experiences. On those weeks that I have more time I will go back and share those funny experiences from the past.

I leave you with one funny comment. Today we decided to go to a park to spend some time together as a family. We had just taken naps and needed to get out for some fresh air (I tend to get a little stir crazy on Sunday afternoons if we don't get outside the house). Anyway, the past several days have been extremely cold here in St. Louis. As we arrived at the park near our house Katie noticed a building off to our right. She immediately blurted out in her beautiful voice, "Mommy, that building is making a bad choice." Intrigued, Heather and I asked Katie about her comment. Both of us were curious to see what type of choice a buidling could make, especially if it was bad. She looked at us like we had lost our marbles and said, "It's smoking!" Heather and I both looked at each other with our sheepish grins and said, "Of course, how could we be so foolish?" Although this experience was comical, it reminded me of an important lesson. On those days when I've asked Katie to do something a bazillion times and I feel like she never listens I'll have to remember the smoking building and remind myself that some of our lessons are definitely sinking in. We love our children and are so happy for the joy they bring our family. We hope everyone is well and look forward to reading your comments.

Love, The Brimhalls

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Buyer Beware?

Here is a story for those who miss having kids around. Where is Bill Cosby when you need him? Last week Heather and Katie went to Texas Water Rampage (which is the local water park) because we have been averaging 100 degress for the past week (not typical for Lubbock in late May/early June). Since Katie has been doing so good lately (i.e., playing with her little brother, going down the big water slide all by herself, doing her chores at home) we tend to reward her with slushies from Sonic after we go to the waterpark. We figure that is the best time to give her a cup full of slushie sugar because since she is already wet we don't care if it gets all over her. Plus the fatigue of the waterpark cancels out the sugar high. A classic win-win situation. Anyhow, it just so happens that she, unlike the rest of her family, prefers the blue coconut slushie over the lemon-berry. As usual she ordered the blue coconut and quickly began to slurp it down. Unbeknownst to her that same day her mother deposited a blue disk in the back of our toilets. It had been some time and our toilet water was looking a bit pale. Well, those of you that are quick on the uptake probably sense where this is going. Later that day, when Katie had to rid herself of her Sonic Slushie, she went into the bathroom to go pottie (or tee-tee if you are from West Texas). As she removed herself from the toilet she went to flush it and her eyes got as big as saucers. She looked up her mother and said, "Look Mom, my blue slushie came out of my bottom." A father has never been so proud!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mid-Life Crisis?

Several of you have called and expressed your love and concern as you've received information regarding our current job status. We thank you for the love and consideration. Many of you have also been wondering how I've dealt with the stress associated with this stage of my life. The answer: I avoid it. Instead, I go out and buy things. Somedays I'll get an ice cream cone and some days I buy decorations for my office (ask Heather about my new mini football helmets). The worst, however, came on Friday when I found out that I did not get the job at Oklahoma State. I was so disappointed that I felt like I needed something bigger than an ice cream cone. Imagine Heather's surprise when I drove up in this*!

I know that some of you might be thinking that I am just trying to keep up with the Ward's (Our good friends who recently moved to Tacoma, WA) but I really felt like the timing was right. I mean, what better time to have a mid-life crisis than when you are about to turn 30 and you don't know what you are going to do with the next 5-10 years of your life? And look at it this way, if things don't work out (which we strongly believe they will) at least we can live in our car (of course Katie and Baker would have to live in the trunk). I wonder if BMW knew they would have this kind of healing power when they originally invented their automobiles? Just know that you too can feel this good. Simply go to and buy some happiness today (Sorry for stealing your motto Matt Smith)!

*For those of you that have not bought my story hook, line and sinker (which I figure is everybody) this car belongs to a good friend of mine. He let me sit in it temporarily and I thought it would be fun to get a picture of me looking all sporty.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mommy's Little Helper

Katie has been the best little helper since her brother was born. She will help daddy change his diaper (i.e., getting wipes, throwing away diapers, and commenting on the "yuckiness" of it all). Also, she will hold him, cuddle him, and always get his pacifier when he cries. Occasionally, if Heather is especially busy, she even offers to feed him. If you don't believe us we have evidence. Even though that is not Baker in the bathtub (we've been accused of putting our babies in weird positions simply for the sake of a photograph) Katie has been practicing her form. She proudly tells me that she can do it just like her mommy. She loves to feed her baby and always does what it takes to make sure her baby (and her brother) knows it is loved.

Although there have been times where we get the occasional temper tantrum when one of us shows love and affection to Baker, in general Katie has been very warm and receptive to this enormous change. In the morning she will always cuddle with "Baker Bake" and tell him his is a "cutie patootee." She loves to give him big hugs, slobbery kisses, and the occasional nose rub (the two of them rub noses back and forth). Actually, it's more like Katie rubs her nose and Baker freaks out wondering what this enormous head is doing right in his face. But for the most part he is patient with his big sissy as she learns how to share her love. We are very blessed to have these wonderful children. They bring meaning to our lives and happiness to our home.

What a difference two months make!

Here is a picture of our beautiful boy eight days (12/30/05) after he was born. You cannot tell that his daddy is already trying to groom him for greatness, can you? Any way, look how cute he looks in his 0-3 month outfit. The poor thing doesn't even come close to filling it out. Notice the tiny little ankles and the non-existent neck.

Now here is that beautiful little boy two months later (02/27/06). Notice the cute little 0-3 month outfit isn't quite as roomy. Also, notice how that non-existent neck and those tiny little ankles have expanded slightly. He is growing so quickly that we are beginning to realize that we must cherish every moment with him or else before we know it he will be sitting up, walking, telling us no, and if all goes well scoring touchdowns!

Grape Nuts or Fruity Pebbles?

So I have a brief second while Katie is in the bath and thought I'd give you an update. We have obviously talked to most of you (excepting Henlines as they weren't home) so you all know that the chances of us having a job just went drastically down. We are ever hopeful that God has us in the hollow of his hands and is directing our path. So one is left to wonder why we are always going through things the hard way. And frankly, I think that is just how the cereal falls out of the box. To some it is given to have fruity pebbles and to others it is given to have a bowl of grape nuts. The only good thing out of this horrible analogy that I have come up with is that even though grape nuts is not full of fruity flavors, those who eat a lifetime of it, will be healthier in the long run. And its the long run goal that Andy and I are after. One day, when Andy is a millionaire toilet seat door to door sales man we'll recognize the good that has come out of this trial.Meanwhile, we feel our Doctor is a genius. After months of Katie's asthma being out of control, having no sleep and mom and dad on the verge of hanging ourselves from our toenails to prevent any more craziness, Dr. Camp put Katie on Acid Reflux medicine (to go along with the walking pharmacy that she is already) and low and behold, she slept through the night. We are hoping this lasts.Baker continues to grow and is 11 lbs now. He is cute as can be and I think he is a joy to be around. Of course, he is the only one of us getting sleep and that may account for his wonderfulness!!I have started a music class called Little Rhythms and I am having a blast teaching it. I have about 13 kids that come on a regular basis (with their mommies) and it has been alot of fun. We do alot with percussion instruments, parachutes, dance and singing. Imagine me, who doesn't really like to sing, teaching. But I have found a real knack for it. I will start teaching it at the Hodges center and get paid over the summer. I will make enough to pay for all my supplies and a little extra, but the next time I teach it will be for profit. Also I am hoping to add on a class for 3 -5 year olds (without their mommies) so that will add some newness to it. But the last few times of teaching has been in my backyard, to my guinea pig group to see if I have my timing down and practice before the Hodges time. My goal is to teach out of my house in my next location and make some money that way...well gotta run, keep us in your prayers as we could really use a boost, a job and basically to be lifter up from the dredges of a soggy cereal bowl.we love you all, Heather

Monday, February 20, 2006

Cowboy or a Stag? (Part I)


I am sure you have all wondered how Andy's interview went. We are viewing this as a God's will kind of thing. If He wants us to have a job, he will provide and if he wants us to wait for the next round, well, we are trying to not think about it.

We have spent alot of stressful nights about this whole thing. So here goes our explanation. We have asked just about everyone in the field and they all say that extension work could be a possible career killer. In fact, Richard says absolutely it would be. So if we go the route at Oklahoma then it is with the knowledge that it puts Andy as the low man on the totem pole and could prevent him from ever coming back to MFT. BUT, if we go the route at Connecticut, we could possibly remain on food stamps as we can't afford to live there. It is rumored that they may subsidize housing, but it hasn't been confirmed. So what to do? This seems to be our plague lately. Having to make choices. And this is of course, assuming he gets offered both jobs and there is a choice to be made.

UMASS has not called back after Andy postponed his phone interview to go to Connecticut so we are assuming they are no longer looking at him.

So here is the trial of our faith, do we turn down the option he is presented and hang out for the second round of interviews or just take what is offered even though both choices are not ideal. Well, that is indeed the dilemma we face. Anyone want to weigh on this? We realize we have to make it a matter of prayer and blessings, but it seems that very prayer or blessing is just that God has prepared a place for us. The exact same blessing we got last year. Needless to say, our faith is waning just a little. But Andy and I pray and pray and hope for the best. He did not get any direct feeling about Connecticut and we await his interview at Oklahoma to see if he feels something there. Does this not seem like when we are trying to get a child? I have to laugh that Andy and I must be too dense to figure out what they Lord is teaching us so we face the same issue with every major event in our life. But on the flip side, we seem to really appreciate the miracles when they come.

One funny thing, after Andy finished all of his interviews (feeling that he had done pretty well) He was in the Deans office and was putting on his coat when he heard a crash. YEP! Andy knocked his diploma off the wall and crash, all the glass broke. She was really nice about it and said se had been wanting to redo the frame anyway, but talk about leaving a lasting impression!!!

Friday, January 20, 2006

A Smooth Criminal?

Heather and I have started a new punishment that we find rather effective. Some good friends of ours talked about how important it is to teach children not to hit other children. Their rationale: our job as parents is to teach children how to become effective and safe citizens; and if you hit people when you are an adult than you would be arrested and put behind bars.

So, Heather and I decided to turn our beloved toy room into a makeshift prison. You'll never guess who was our first convict. She may pack a powerful punch but she sure is adorable.

Now, although we really do have friends who support that "prison theory" and we have begun talking to Katie about the ramifications of hitting people, here is the real story. Over our Christmas Holiday the Baker's were in town to celebrate Christmas and the birth of our newborn son. Days before he was born we decided to have an early birthday party for our nephew Matthew. We decided that there isn't a better place in the world to have a birthday party for an eight year old (and all of his childish uncles) than Mr. Gatti's. One of the strong attractions to Mr. Gatti's is there inner tube bumper cars. These things are electric. Well, the whole family (minus Grammy and my eight and 3/4 month pregnant wife) decided to have a family bump-a-thon. The only problem is Mr. Gatti's has enforced a height requirement and as many of you have probably guessed Miss Katie was too short. She was heartbroken and simply looked on with those sad puppy dog eyes. I was so sad I was almost distracted from crushing my fellow family members. One day Katie I will bring you back to Lubbock just so you can have a go on those infamous bumper cars. Until then, don't hit or you'll find yourself behind bars!

Friday, January 06, 2006

Death to my Manhood

So as a family we decided to attend Mr. Gatti's right before the birth of our new son. As we finished dinner and entered to game room we (Dad Baker and I) were given a very specific charge from Heather. According to her we needed 200 tickets in order to allow every cousin to be able to get a plastic toy from the counter. So being the manly men that we are we puffed up our chest, we prayed to the token God, and we left on our pilgrimage. As you can see from the picture below our quest was not that lucrative. While that story if funny what makes it even more humiliating is what happened next.

While Dad and I were off strutting our stuff Heather decided that she would have a go. Now I don't know if this was staged or not but I'm beginning to have my suspicions. What I failed to mention above is that Heather told us that we were assigned to the skee ball machines. Did we mock that suggestion? Did we even stop to consider that the skee ball machine is not the most giving of all machines? Not at all. We were Manly Men and we were on a quest. We simply threw out tokens in and did what we were told. Any how, Heather decided that she would play the game where you try to dump the dump truck with your token (the prize: 177 tickets for whomever can tip it). Well, knowing that my wife is amazing and that she seems to have the Midas Touch she puts the coin in the slot, directs it's path, and dumps the truck on her first turn. Here is a picture of her spoils:

Needless to say, I simply tuck my manhood between my legs and let her cash in the prize. You know it is not always fun and games having such an amazing wife. I tell you what though, those kids sure thought she was a hero! Way to go Heather.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Birth of Baker Scott Brimhall

To all our dear friends and family,

Although we have tried calling many of you, with the Holidays happening, most of you are gone. So we are writing an email to announce the birth of our son, Baker Scott Brimhall.

He was born on the 22nd of December and it couldn't have been a better delivery. We went to the Hospital on Wednesday night (right after visiting Santa Land) to be induced. We hadn't ever toured the Hospital or anything as it sort of snuck up on us, so we ended up at the wrong place but after figuring out that they have created a whole new birthing center a few blocks away, we arrived for our fun evening.

They started the cervidil at about 11 PM and antibiotics at the same time. The IV hurt the most out of the entire process and they blew my vein the first time and ended up having to stick me again. At about 6 Am, they started Pitocin and the fun really began. My Doctor arrived at 7:30 to break my water and I received my first epidural around 8. Then since that didn't take, I got a second one about 9 and from there on out, I was in Heaven. It was just like with Katie. Once the epidural kicked in, my body just jumped into delivery mode and the nurse checked me about 10:15 and ended up just holding the baby in until the Doctor could arrive. Baker was born around 10:30 and I pushed about 2 times and he just came out wailing. I had talked to the Doctor about not cutting or wanting to tear and he kept making comments about how a peanut like him wasn't going to make a difference. And sure enough, the baby I thought was going to be soooo big ended up being 5lbs 5 ounces, and 19 inches. So it was a great delivery. We had family troop in the rest of day and more family as we were blessed to have all the Brimhall side except Andy's older brother's family and dad there in Texas for Christmas and my entire family was here as well.

What a Christmas gift we got. And it all worked out according to my Master plan. In on Wednesday and out by Friday morning. He was healthy and has a cute little wrinkly body and I think, looks like Andy. Well, at least he has Andy's nose. :) We blessed him on Christmas Day since all the family was here and he did really well.

The most fun we have is with his name. He was named after my maiden name of Baker but me entire family goes by our last name instead of our first. Like when we play games, we'll say, nice move Baker to my mom, or my dad will call us Baker or things like that, so now we are realizing we have to clarify who we are speaking of. so it's been fun.

Other than that, he is a great little guy and is very stretchy, he doesn't like squishing up and prefers to stretch out and flail around. I am grateful he is healthy and we are grateful for our little miracle. We have been so blessed to have 2 children and are hoping the Lord will grant us at least one more.

Anyway, Just wanted to share the news and let everyone know we love them

Love to All,
Heather and Andy and Katie and Baker

Here are some more pictures. Heather says that he looks more like me but I'll let y'all be the judge of that.

More and More Texan

You know the longer we've lived in Texas the more I realize that Katie is becoming Texan through and through. I think these pictures speak for themselves. Not to mention the fact that she has started saying y'all, fixin', and right quick (or maybe that is just her father). Enjoy the many faces of our beautiful little girl and let us know which picture you like the best.

This is a picture of Katie at the Annual Cowboy parade. She was patiently waiting to see the Horsie parade and decided to pose for some cowboy fashion.

This is acutally a picture of Katie at the Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma so it isn't technically Texan. However, when I saw how cute she was in that outfit I was very tempted to stop by our local Western wear and pick her out an outfit.

I knew the conversion had officially taken place when I came home one day and found her wearing my cowboy hat and nothing else (well, except for her panties and one sock). Heather would claim that she takes after her father in that regard.

Now you may be wondering how this picture represents Katie being Texan. My response, it doesn't. This just goes to show you that even though she is slowly becoming Texas there is still a lot of Brimhall in her. Needless to say Katie makes our life worth while and keeps us on our toes. She is a wonderful daughter and fun to have around. We love her deeply and continue to cherish the opportunity we have to raise her in our home.