Sunday, November 30, 2008

Baker Turns Three!!!

Happy Birthday Baker. These are out of order, just blame my late nights of no sleep! e of you who remember Katie'sy, you will not be surprised that Baker decided he needed to have a special birthday party too. Unfortunately, his birthday isn't until right before Christmas, so we decided to have an early party so that his best friend Abbey could attend.
Here is the after take of all his gifts
The special hot dog cars that his daddy, Andy made all the kids for lunch

The kids all racing their race cars into the cozy cone hotels

Now what we were thinking inviting 14 little 2-4 year olds to drop off party, I'm not sure. But what fun chaos we enjoyed for the 2 hours...
And of course, no Racecar "Speed" party would be complete without the ever lovable Lightning and Mater... Can't have the party without the cake. This was my attempt at a Lightning cake. I actually think it came out pretty well. Not a food Network challenge cake, but not bad... it

Baker attempting to tip tractors with his car... This was a hit game during the party. Can you feel the excitement now? A bunch of 2-4 year olds with permission to knock down any tractor they can?

Sunday, November 23, 2008

am I a Smith?

so here's my funny story of the night. I felt that I was sitting in the Smith household listening to Matt and Missy...

it goes something like this... We are at dinner and had just sat down to a salad (Matt B would be proud) when Baker jumps up, announces that his belly hurts, grabs his hiney and runs for the toilet. Now two year old little legs can only go so fast so I quickly follow (did I mention he's potty trained?). You can stop Reading here if TMI gets in the way of you enjoying a good story.

So, I hate bathroom stuff. I pee and well, do everything in the bathroom alone. I don't need help, I don't need conversation, I don't need anyone looking and comparing notes. This is, I might add, different than my in laws who all love to sit and chat together, in the bathroom. So I quickly sit back down to enjoy my dinner once Baker's on the toilet. After a little while he announces that he's done pooping. I said, great, your dad will be right in to wipe you.

Andy takes a big bite of food and heads in. Now, when it's me, I simply bend the kid over, wipe and flush. But oh, not so when Andy's involved. He makes comments. So I'm eating and listening to a running commentary of ...."wow, Baker. good thing you made it. that's alot of poopy. did you get it all out?" at which point, Katie then decides she needs to join in and see this poop. So off she runs and the conversation continues. "Would it have fallen out on the floor if he had pooped in his underwear?" Katie asks. At which point I can only imagine Andy and her both looked and I heard "ummm, well not that kind of poopy, good thing he made it" and then it continues but I'll spare you the details. I had a good silent laugh that this was our dinner conversation. Andy tried to save it later with a brief catch up of what Katie's teacher taught her in Sunday school, but looking back, my kids are going to remember the time they discussed poop and who had the longest one. Is there an award for that? Because my husband actually took a picture of Baker's the other day. (and tempted as I might be, I won't put it on here) Oh my...HOW DID I END UP IN THIS FAMILY????

Good thing I love them. Heather

Friday, November 07, 2008

long lost Katie

So this picture was sent to us by our

dear relatives who live in Utah. It made me smile to think of how tiny Katie was. And this was probably 2 weeks after she was born. The memories of little Kate who never says "you're the meanest mommy" and stomps and slams doors and gives me the angry eyes. Ahhhhhhhh, yes....deep breath, look back and remember that one day, when they are in the temple getting married, she will not be shooting me angry eyes...and it will all be worth it!