Sunday, July 27, 2008

the big one will always pick on the next smallest

So here is a typical story of picking on someone that is smaller than you. It begins like this. I announce to Andy that I have once again gone through all his things and have thrown away many many t-shirts. To which he promptly asks for the bag and begins to go through ti to salvage what he can. (which basically means he tries to convince me why he should keep the t-shirts that are ugly or no longer fit or whatever...)

Anyway, he goes through them while I start to get frustrated and list all the reasons why he can't keep all this stuff. He is a certifiable pack rat. Anyway, he is a little miffed. Mean while I have also asked Katie to once again clean her room. If you remember from previous posts, she can't clean without help. But I am resisting as I am in a clean out the closet stage and tell her to just clean it all up. Plus I am trying to prevent the t shirts from landing back in the cleaned out drawers.
In fact I go as far as to tell her (in my best Missy voice) that Mr. Gunny bags will pick up everything in a few minutes if she doesn't put it away So you'll imagine my surprise when 20 minutes later, Katie announces for me to come look and this is what I find. Some sort of trap necklace fairy land (a little like the spider web of mom's string I think...she is so my daughter). so now, not only do we still have a messy room, we have a trap fairy land (which basically amounts to a bunch of bead necklaces that are now tied together) and a pretty proud girl. Well, all that changes in an instant. Andy, after being picked on by his wife, now enters the room with a large garbage bag. He tells Katie that since she has too many toys, he will now go through all of her things and throw stuff away. She begins to cry and insist that she needs all her toys and the reasons why. Andy is ruthless, stuffing the animals and toys in the bag as quick as he can. Andy she is pulling them out as fast as he can put them in. He is getting frustrated and I quietly remind him of a few minutes previously when he was taking out the t-shirts.
Well needless to say...I now have Katie crying, Andy mad, and Baker decided to draw on my wall with a pen. Now I am almost always in control of my emotions and I do not agree with any kind of spanking or corporal punishment, but I lost it. I chucked one of the necklaces that I am carefully trying to unknot at Baker's head. And then my day was complete. Andy is mad at my losing control, I'm mad at my losing control. Baker is crying that I hurt his head (although before you call the police, he is fine) and Katie is crying because her toys are all gone. Ahhh the joys of family life. And after all the rooms are done and I go downstairs for a small break, I return upstairs to find Katie and Baker doing makeup!! oh, you wish you could be a brimhall

Friday, July 18, 2008

A new dresser

So I am my Father's and Mother's child. Really! They have a big furniture day here where you can set out anything you want, anything at all, and they will come pick it up for free. Well, I happened to notice all sorts of people out "shopping" the curbs and not to be outdone, I loaded up the van and off we went. Andy helped me load this beauty of a 5 drawer dresser into the back of our van, much to his embarrassment (he's not much into my parents call it), and bring it home. I was looking for something for the boys room, and frankly, who can turn down free.
The big thing is that it was solid wood and very heavy...though in excellent condition. We tried and tried to get this beast to fit into someones closet but it was simply too tall. Andy said it wasn't such a loss since we got it for free, we'd just set it out on our curb. So, while he was in the shower, I maneuvered it into the garage, quickly got out his circle saw, took out the drawers and cut off the top one. (reminded me of my mother who sneakily knocked out a wall in the house that she didn't want because, heck...once the damage is done, you must move forward) I mean, no loss right. If it didn't work, I'd simply set it back out. The dresser quickly went from 5 drawers to 4 and amazingly enough, was now the perfect height to fit in the closet.
(unfortunately I have no before pics as I wasn't sure Andy would be on board with my idea so I had limited time to do this. But you can imagine it if you look at the bottom two drawers and picture them on top) I then flipped it upside down and screwed the top piece back onto the dresser (wouldn't want an untopped on in the closet) and put my muscles to great use.

So now I have a finished, free dresser! Can't beat a little sawing, a little imagination, a little luck, a little hard work, a brilliant woman! and a free dresser!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

view from the top

Here we are taking in the views of beautiful Park City, Utah, via the ski lift. It is taking us to the top to go down the Alpine Slide (thanks again Jeff and Angie). Katie thought this was alot of fun.
Somehow Grammy ended up with just a few in her lift
The gang all ready to slide down
On their way up (with Katie joining in for a second ride)

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Family Talent Show (in 3 parts)

The night of the Family Talent show was a beautiful day in Park City. The air started to cool off, Jeff and Angie found a perfect stage next to the condos and they even brought out a stereo to make it all happen. Jack (Andy's dad) was the emcee for it and you couldn't have stopped the excitement from the 14 cousins as they all prepared to do their thing. Even Griffith got to perform twice (well, he was the stage prop...but there is nothing wrong with teaching him to appreciate being the tree in future school musicals)
To start the night off, Brinley Smith (belonging to Matt and Melissa Smith), stood up and pulled her shirt up and began the best tummy rolling I have ever seen. It makes you wonder what they do in that Smith house. Because, later on in the show, they then announce that Alayna will be doing her tongue trick. Hmmmm....But back to that incredible belly. I found out that if you click on the picture, it makes it larger in another window. Go it. You will never see more muscles move than this little girl.

Family Talent show

Katie chose to sing a lullaby to Griffith from the movie, The Prince of Egypt Here's Hadley (belonging to Jeff and Angie Brimhall) doing a hula dance
London Brimhall (belonging to Matt and Holly) singing a country favorite
Staley Smith (belonging to Matt and Missy Smith) also singing a lullaby to Griffith (he was a popular boy)
Baker attempting to sing the ABC song but skipping about every 5 it made for a very short song.

family talent show

And here comes the Brimhall's interpretation of the Kitty Cat Dance. We performed as an entire family and ended it with Andy giving CPR to the mommy cat - his favorite part I assure you! (Knowledge based on hours of his wanting to practicing this number :) ) oh, the best part...did you notice the ears made of forks? This was all we could find in the short amount of time to make it sem like we were cats) Although in true Baker fashion, I was the only one wearing them!

Boston Brimhall (belonging to Matt and Holly) crooning away. John Travolta can't stop this little girl Alayna (Belonging to Matt and Missy Smith), here she is striking a pose, but what I really wish I had a picture of her tongue trick...alas, some things are just better left to my alzheimers memory.
And you haven't seen talent till Canyon (son of Matt and Missy) crawls under Hyrum's (son of Jeff and Angie) legs. Now what you don't see is the 5 minutes it took to coax him down into doing this trick.

family talent show

Brooklyn Brimhall (belonging to Matt and Holly) singing Proud to be an American Hadley Brimhall (belonging to Angie and Jeff) hula hooping across the stage
Sidney Brimhall (belonging to Matt and Holly) singing...and amazingly knew all the words, Go Sidney!
The Grand Finale of all the kids dancing and singing (pictured from left to right...Katie, Brinley, Canyon, Baker, Sidney, Cali, Hyrum)
Grand Finale Continued (from left to right...Alayna, London, Canyon, Hadley, Katie, Hyrum, Sidney, Brooklyn, Cali, Boston and Hadley)
Not bad for an outdoor family talent show. We had to beg the kids to come in and eat rootbeer floats, they were just so excited...and as all kids do, kept coming up with more and more talents to share.

Monday, July 07, 2008

and why can't we go?

On Jeff and Angie's day of the family reunion they decided to take everyone on the alpine slide. We gathered up all the kiddos and giant kiddos (come on Christy) and got into the cars to drive there. We walked up to the base of the mountain where the slide begins. Now at the base there were several other attractions (those opportunists) that the kids thought looked exciting. I mean, who wouldn't? There were bounce houses, trampolines, zip lines, roller coasters and the ever famous carousel that had brightly painted animals. The kids looked at us with innocent faces and begged to ride the carousel. Those owners knew what they were doing when placing a carousel at the base of a mountain. Because, seriously? Who puts things like that on a mountain if not to make money. Anyway, there the kids all gathered. to stare as other kids went round and round and apparently had fun doing it because everyone on the carousel smiled, while all of the Brimhalls looked on, wishing they too could take a spin :)

Family Fear Factor (Reunion Style)

On the afternoon of our day of planning, we had a fear factor type event scheduled. the family all came, divided into teams and put up with a lot of nonsense all in the name of fun. There was the eat a gummy worm out of whipping cream pie event... Try and find a slimy worm in a batch of spaghetti and then throw it into a cup
(held by the greatest catchers ever found in the team's history (Baker, Hyrum and Sydney)
pass the newly cracked eggs via hands to awaiting cups and have the most intact yolks by the end of 45 seconds
swallowing the worms as fast as she could, Katie was a real trooper
As you can see, this was our kind of fun...and it continued

And the fun continues

Here is the fiercest competitor of the family fear factor game. Canyon was ready to take on all the cousins...especially Baker who loved to either love him or beat him up! Go figure with little boys! What grand sports on a warm day with ice cold water. Now if only the people on the bottom could actually remember not to pour their cups out once they were full. :)
I think the teams loved the hair and the Cheetos even more. Two thoughts ran rampant...Does it make a difference if the hair is higher or fluffier, and how do you throw the Cheetos, one at a time or the whole handful???
The gang is still in love with each other after an afternoon of competition. Of course, look below, this is what Hyrum thought of not winning :)

Take that Family Reunion!

letterboxing with the fam

So how the family reunion was set up, is that each of the four families would take a day and organize it complete with food for all three meals. So on our day, we decided to first have a letterboxing mini class. We passed out erasers to have everyone carve on and then hit the trail to find the piggies eating pies series. I had them hidden across the farm trail in Park City.
it was a blast to share this hobby with everyone. Our family has been at it for over 2 years. We have found well over 100 boxes across the nation. We love meeting the people who box, I have enjoyed teaching classes (at the nature center here) and basically love to hike and get to see places we never have known to exist.

My family in Cali rivals us with even more boxes found. Along with several events we have been to. How could we not pass this great hobby on? Matt Smith made us proud as he outran several of the kids to get to the box. There is a man with motivation! After a long hot hike, we headed back for lunch, swimming and then on to fear factor (reunion style)

Thursday, July 03, 2008

and out it came...

For about the last 2 weeks, all we have heard about is the loose tooth. First, Katie couldn't eat because her tooth was loose, then she stopped talking all together as she wiggled and wiggled that tooth. She had several long car trips where all she did was wiggle away. She proudly showed her tooth to anyone who would even glance her way. She had been waiting for a tooth to fall out for many months. And it finally was here. We all asked if she wanted us to pull it out, but no, she always said not to. The came the reunion. Her cousin Brooklyn had hr mom pull her tooth out and it was too much pressure. One look at Aunt Holly and she caved. Aunt Holly put her perfectly manicured nails (the ultimate tooth grabbing tool) into her Little mouth and told Katie to hold still while she looked at how close it was to coming out. She looked and looked and in the next moment, the tooth was in her hand. Katie's eyes went as big as saucers, but she was so proud. She didn't cry or anything. Of course, we woke all the living relatives across the nation up to share her proud news.
The tooth then went into the little Tinkerbell pouch to await the fate of all little teeth.
And then the surprise. The tooth fairy left a trail of pink pixie dust as she gathered up the tooth and left behind a gold "nickel" and a green dollar. (1 to save, 1 to spend). Katie and her cousins quickly followed the tooth fairy dust to see where it led, but as if by magic, the trail disappeared.
All that was left is my oldest child with a gap in her mouth. She seems so old now. One tooth gone and in the next instant childhood will vanish and she will be an adult. I'm not sure I'm ready for her to grow up and face the harsh reality of real life. Living in the land of tooth fairies and pixie dust seems so much more fun. I wish this time could last forever in my little angels life!
Congratulations my little pumpkin! I love you.