Thursday, November 04, 2010

Has it really gone by so soon?

I have been thinking about just how fast the days seem to fly.
Before I even know what has happened,
I look around and my children are grown.
It passes as quickly as a whisper on the wind.

And yet, at times seems so slow that I am almost surprised
when I see them at this age and think,
has it been that long already?

And despite wanting to stop the merry go round and get off,
it just speeds up.
And yet, they all remain my miracles.
So brave and strong and
able to somehow think their own minds and make that known!

I asked my precious son if he'd like to wear underwear and be a big boy like his brother Baker
(whom he continues to call his friend Baker)
and Griff very adamantly said
"no, Baker is a big boy, I'm mommy's baby!"

And so I I teaching them well?
Are the things that matter coming across?
And what really matters to me?
With that in mind,
this month I am challenging myself
to teach my children about random acts of kindness
and hope that they will be
a bit kinder to everyone we meet.