Tuesday, May 25, 2010

what innocence

So we are all sitting around the kitchen table after family night playing scattergories with 2 of our favorite families. Katie has asked repeatedly to be allowed to join the adult game so we play just one more round so she can participate.

The letter rolled is "B". The timer starts racing and before you know it, the dinger goes off and pencils are slammed down and now the fun really begins.

Everyone is shouting out their answers to see if they get points. And up rolls the category, "Body Parts". Imagine the silence and much supressed laughter of all the adults there as Katie very calmly announces "Balls". The shocking heart racing moment as every adult stares her down and says nothing.

So Katie looks at everyone as if they are idiots, points to her eyes and says "you know, as in eye-Balls".

I know, We rock as parents :)

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

what goes on when Andy's in charge

I wish I had a picture to go along with what I am about to tell you. And please note I love my husband to pieces and he has helped tremendously since I've been in the Hospital. so here goes...

We found out we lost the baby, waited a week to make sure and did a d & c. Thursday the 29th I went in. Wasn't a bad procedure and except for crying as I came out of the anesthesia, had little to complain about.

I went about my daily duties (perhaps a little too enthusiastically) and on Saturday gave Katie a bath and braided her hair with 2 braids for the talent show (which was great fun). By Sunday morning I was in the ER with complications from the d & c. My parents took my kids to church and then Andy drove my two boys to my sisters house (3 hours of driving..how I love Andy) so she could take care of them. We decided Katie would stay to attend school and help me.

So I spend the day and night and day in the hospital and was released Monday afternoon in time to race home to get Katie off the bus.

IMAGINE if you will, how bad my stomach was hurting and the complete belly laugh I had to hold in when Katie gets off the bus and runs up to me. She has on camouflage heels, white socks, bright red spandex tight pants, a very bright blue shirt with the word peace in sparkly pink writing with peace signs all over and then to top it off, she has one braid still in (yes...still from Saturday) and one braid completely missing and her hair hanging in all sorts of wild directions (you know mothers...the kind of kinky weird curls from being in a braid and having then been slept on and not combed at all) so can you imagine what her teacher must have thought?

She had no idea I went to the hospital and that Andy was doing awesome to get her there...no idea that this perfectly stubborn daughter of mine had gotten dressed herself! what she must think!

In the book The Secret Life of Bees the little girl mentioned that you could always tell who had a mother because those girls had their hair done. so I can only hope that the teacher could figure out Katie didn't have her mother there to help...