Saturday, April 12, 2008

Missouri Through and Through

Many of you have been calling and asking for updated pictures of Griffith Jack. Here are two. As you may or may not know, hospitals in the state of Missouri use special hats for the babies born within their hospitals. In Lubbock, the special color was purple. In Missouri, it is camoflauge. I think he pulls the color off nicely, don't you agree. He truly is a Missourian through and through. Many of you may be wondering, "why then is he crying?" The answer: I am making fun of his native state. In reality this is a hat given to us by a friend that should have been born in Missouri but instead was born in Kingman, AZ. I miss that man terribly and wish I still lived within driving distance. The hat is in honor to him. You may also notice his shirt. This shirt was given to me by one of my friends at work. She hand painted this shirt. It was one of the most thoughtful and neatest presents we received. Thank you Nancy!
Lest you think Griffith is a difficult child here is a picture of one of his first smiles. You may wonder what it is that he is smiling about. You will see shortly.
What could make a two month old baby laugh. How about two naked siblings doing the "Kitty Kat" dance. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room.
For those of you that have not had the pleasure of seeing the kitty kat dance let me enlighten your homes. Ours has never quite been the same since we first discovered this talented cat.

Baker Trivia-You Be the Judge

The picture quality on the second picture is not great but you'll get the idea. One of Baker's favorite things to eat for breakfast is "Cheesy Eggs" (in fact he is getting so good at "helping Daddy" that he can almost make the entire meal all by himself). The first picture is of him eating this delightful delicacy.
Well this request was never problematic until this year at Easter. Every year at Easter Heather pulls out our Resurrection Eggs. It is a set of twelve eggs, each egg holding something that represents the last days of Christ. Although advanced, Baker wasn't quite able to pronounce resurrection eggs. Instead he decided to refer to them as "Jesus Eggs." The picture below shows them playing with these wonderful eggs.
So here is the challenge. Easter morning Baker woke us up at the crack of dawn constantly repeating the following phrase, which he decided to reenact later that morning with a little pizazz! Your task it to try and determine if he was indeed asking for cheesy eggs or if he was excited for Easter and wanted to play with the Jesus Eggs. (Hint: You may be at a distinct advantage if you saved your secret decoder ring from the sugary cereal box you at last Saturday). Good luck and may the force be with you.

Baker wanted to send his love and let you know that he is grateful you are willing to play his little game. Here is a picture of him sending his love. This picture was taken last week after Baker and his friend Abbey tried out for a talent competition. They were looking for toddlers they could use for magazine shoots, etc. We thought our little man could do that. Him and his friend both got a call back for next Saturday. Isn't he adorable?