Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mid-Life Crisis?

Several of you have called and expressed your love and concern as you've received information regarding our current job status. We thank you for the love and consideration. Many of you have also been wondering how I've dealt with the stress associated with this stage of my life. The answer: I avoid it. Instead, I go out and buy things. Somedays I'll get an ice cream cone and some days I buy decorations for my office (ask Heather about my new mini football helmets). The worst, however, came on Friday when I found out that I did not get the job at Oklahoma State. I was so disappointed that I felt like I needed something bigger than an ice cream cone. Imagine Heather's surprise when I drove up in this*!

I know that some of you might be thinking that I am just trying to keep up with the Ward's (Our good friends who recently moved to Tacoma, WA) but I really felt like the timing was right. I mean, what better time to have a mid-life crisis than when you are about to turn 30 and you don't know what you are going to do with the next 5-10 years of your life? And look at it this way, if things don't work out (which we strongly believe they will) at least we can live in our car (of course Katie and Baker would have to live in the trunk). I wonder if BMW knew they would have this kind of healing power when they originally invented their automobiles? Just know that you too can feel this good. Simply go to and buy some happiness today (Sorry for stealing your motto Matt Smith)!

*For those of you that have not bought my story hook, line and sinker (which I figure is everybody) this car belongs to a good friend of mine. He let me sit in it temporarily and I thought it would be fun to get a picture of me looking all sporty.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Mommy's Little Helper

Katie has been the best little helper since her brother was born. She will help daddy change his diaper (i.e., getting wipes, throwing away diapers, and commenting on the "yuckiness" of it all). Also, she will hold him, cuddle him, and always get his pacifier when he cries. Occasionally, if Heather is especially busy, she even offers to feed him. If you don't believe us we have evidence. Even though that is not Baker in the bathtub (we've been accused of putting our babies in weird positions simply for the sake of a photograph) Katie has been practicing her form. She proudly tells me that she can do it just like her mommy. She loves to feed her baby and always does what it takes to make sure her baby (and her brother) knows it is loved.

Although there have been times where we get the occasional temper tantrum when one of us shows love and affection to Baker, in general Katie has been very warm and receptive to this enormous change. In the morning she will always cuddle with "Baker Bake" and tell him his is a "cutie patootee." She loves to give him big hugs, slobbery kisses, and the occasional nose rub (the two of them rub noses back and forth). Actually, it's more like Katie rubs her nose and Baker freaks out wondering what this enormous head is doing right in his face. But for the most part he is patient with his big sissy as she learns how to share her love. We are very blessed to have these wonderful children. They bring meaning to our lives and happiness to our home.

What a difference two months make!

Here is a picture of our beautiful boy eight days (12/30/05) after he was born. You cannot tell that his daddy is already trying to groom him for greatness, can you? Any way, look how cute he looks in his 0-3 month outfit. The poor thing doesn't even come close to filling it out. Notice the tiny little ankles and the non-existent neck.

Now here is that beautiful little boy two months later (02/27/06). Notice the cute little 0-3 month outfit isn't quite as roomy. Also, notice how that non-existent neck and those tiny little ankles have expanded slightly. He is growing so quickly that we are beginning to realize that we must cherish every moment with him or else before we know it he will be sitting up, walking, telling us no, and if all goes well scoring touchdowns!

Grape Nuts or Fruity Pebbles?

So I have a brief second while Katie is in the bath and thought I'd give you an update. We have obviously talked to most of you (excepting Henlines as they weren't home) so you all know that the chances of us having a job just went drastically down. We are ever hopeful that God has us in the hollow of his hands and is directing our path. So one is left to wonder why we are always going through things the hard way. And frankly, I think that is just how the cereal falls out of the box. To some it is given to have fruity pebbles and to others it is given to have a bowl of grape nuts. The only good thing out of this horrible analogy that I have come up with is that even though grape nuts is not full of fruity flavors, those who eat a lifetime of it, will be healthier in the long run. And its the long run goal that Andy and I are after. One day, when Andy is a millionaire toilet seat door to door sales man we'll recognize the good that has come out of this trial.Meanwhile, we feel our Doctor is a genius. After months of Katie's asthma being out of control, having no sleep and mom and dad on the verge of hanging ourselves from our toenails to prevent any more craziness, Dr. Camp put Katie on Acid Reflux medicine (to go along with the walking pharmacy that she is already) and low and behold, she slept through the night. We are hoping this lasts.Baker continues to grow and is 11 lbs now. He is cute as can be and I think he is a joy to be around. Of course, he is the only one of us getting sleep and that may account for his wonderfulness!!I have started a music class called Little Rhythms and I am having a blast teaching it. I have about 13 kids that come on a regular basis (with their mommies) and it has been alot of fun. We do alot with percussion instruments, parachutes, dance and singing. Imagine me, who doesn't really like to sing, teaching. But I have found a real knack for it. I will start teaching it at the Hodges center and get paid over the summer. I will make enough to pay for all my supplies and a little extra, but the next time I teach it will be for profit. Also I am hoping to add on a class for 3 -5 year olds (without their mommies) so that will add some newness to it. But the last few times of teaching has been in my backyard, to my guinea pig group to see if I have my timing down and practice before the Hodges time. My goal is to teach out of my house in my next location and make some money that way...well gotta run, keep us in your prayers as we could really use a boost, a job and basically to be lifter up from the dredges of a soggy cereal bowl.we love you all, Heather