Wednesday, October 14, 2009

how can you get mad? Seriously!

So what do you do when its totally quiet at someone else's house and you know that 9 kids must be playing somewhere? YES! If you are the mother of a boy, you should immediately question the silence and search far and wide for the children.

AACCCKKK!! I'm amazed continually at the amazing ability of kids everywhere to get into bottles, make a mess, and be completely quiet while doing it. They are never quiet when they are supposed to, say like in church where they insist on telling you they picked a booger from their nose right during the Sacrament prayer? So here is how Griffith spent his quiet time. Grabbing a bottle of bright purple permanent paint and spreading it all over his clothes, his cousins and of course... An extremely white rug in the middle of their house. From which the paint was never fully removed. Yikes, add on the family memorial statue of a lab that Griffith broke at the Keetches house (right after they shared the best story of why they loved this dog) and I'm beginning to think he should never leave the house. But on another bright note...
Check out the high waters that dear Baker is wearing. Yes you guessed it. He grew maybe 1/2 an inch this year but it was enough to push him out of 2 T pants and into size 3 clothes. Sure, he's turning 4 in December but every little 1/2 inch counts right???