Thursday, June 15, 2006

Buyer Beware?

Here is a story for those who miss having kids around. Where is Bill Cosby when you need him? Last week Heather and Katie went to Texas Water Rampage (which is the local water park) because we have been averaging 100 degress for the past week (not typical for Lubbock in late May/early June). Since Katie has been doing so good lately (i.e., playing with her little brother, going down the big water slide all by herself, doing her chores at home) we tend to reward her with slushies from Sonic after we go to the waterpark. We figure that is the best time to give her a cup full of slushie sugar because since she is already wet we don't care if it gets all over her. Plus the fatigue of the waterpark cancels out the sugar high. A classic win-win situation. Anyhow, it just so happens that she, unlike the rest of her family, prefers the blue coconut slushie over the lemon-berry. As usual she ordered the blue coconut and quickly began to slurp it down. Unbeknownst to her that same day her mother deposited a blue disk in the back of our toilets. It had been some time and our toilet water was looking a bit pale. Well, those of you that are quick on the uptake probably sense where this is going. Later that day, when Katie had to rid herself of her Sonic Slushie, she went into the bathroom to go pottie (or tee-tee if you are from West Texas). As she removed herself from the toilet she went to flush it and her eyes got as big as saucers. She looked up her mother and said, "Look Mom, my blue slushie came out of my bottom." A father has never been so proud!