Sunday, July 05, 2009

Are You Smarter than a First Grader? Apparently Not!

By now, everybody is familiar with the game show, are you smarter than a 5th Grader. Well, I had my own version of that game show tonight. One of my really good friends had his birthday today so as a family we decided to make brownies and deliver them to his doorstep. By the end of the day (when the brownies were finished) Heather decided she needed a little break so I packed up all of the kids into the van and made the trek over to his house.

When we got there the kids wanted to get out so they could personally hand him the brownies and the cute little card that Katie had made that had a picture of my friend wearing a crown. After we visited for a few minutes I told the kids it was time to get back in the car so that we could go home. Here is where the game show ensued. As I put Katie and Baker in the van (after having them run in separate directions away from me) I was already a little frazzled. It didn't help that I had four spectators all curiously awaiting to see how I was going to handle this situation.

After I got all of the kids in the car I walked around to get into the drivers seat when I heard a loud bang. Well as I was walking around the car Katie thought it would be funny to open the sliding door in the van. She was not alone. Not only did Baker laugh but so did I and our four spectators. Seeing the reaction Katie knew that she had a new game on her hands. However, just because I laughed the first time did not mean that I was still laughing by the fourth time. I kept running around the van; desperately trying to get in the van before she could pry the door open. Finally, I had had enough. I decided I would out fox the fox.

This time as I closed the sliding door, I opened the front door and locked all of the van doors to prevent her from opening it again, or at least givng me 2-3 more seconds to get around the van. I thought I was brillant and so did my spectators until I went to get into the van and realized that in the process I had locked myself out as well. By now the spectators were thoroughly entertained. In fact, my friends wife said, "thank you for not only bringing the treat but also providing the entertainment." Luckily I was able to talk Katie into unlocking the sliding door and finally letting me get in before prying the door open once again. So apparently I am not smarter than a first grader. Also, it appears that Katie's sharing time lesson this morning, the one about being obedient to your parents, flew right out the window. The silver lining of this story is at least now I know why they invented those annoying child safety locks.

Here is Katie's version of the events: