Monday, February 20, 2006

Cowboy or a Stag? (Part I)


I am sure you have all wondered how Andy's interview went. We are viewing this as a God's will kind of thing. If He wants us to have a job, he will provide and if he wants us to wait for the next round, well, we are trying to not think about it.

We have spent alot of stressful nights about this whole thing. So here goes our explanation. We have asked just about everyone in the field and they all say that extension work could be a possible career killer. In fact, Richard says absolutely it would be. So if we go the route at Oklahoma then it is with the knowledge that it puts Andy as the low man on the totem pole and could prevent him from ever coming back to MFT. BUT, if we go the route at Connecticut, we could possibly remain on food stamps as we can't afford to live there. It is rumored that they may subsidize housing, but it hasn't been confirmed. So what to do? This seems to be our plague lately. Having to make choices. And this is of course, assuming he gets offered both jobs and there is a choice to be made.

UMASS has not called back after Andy postponed his phone interview to go to Connecticut so we are assuming they are no longer looking at him.

So here is the trial of our faith, do we turn down the option he is presented and hang out for the second round of interviews or just take what is offered even though both choices are not ideal. Well, that is indeed the dilemma we face. Anyone want to weigh on this? We realize we have to make it a matter of prayer and blessings, but it seems that very prayer or blessing is just that God has prepared a place for us. The exact same blessing we got last year. Needless to say, our faith is waning just a little. But Andy and I pray and pray and hope for the best. He did not get any direct feeling about Connecticut and we await his interview at Oklahoma to see if he feels something there. Does this not seem like when we are trying to get a child? I have to laugh that Andy and I must be too dense to figure out what they Lord is teaching us so we face the same issue with every major event in our life. But on the flip side, we seem to really appreciate the miracles when they come.

One funny thing, after Andy finished all of his interviews (feeling that he had done pretty well) He was in the Deans office and was putting on his coat when he heard a crash. YEP! Andy knocked his diploma off the wall and crash, all the glass broke. She was really nice about it and said se had been wanting to redo the frame anyway, but talk about leaving a lasting impression!!!