Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'm Singing in the Rain

The other day Heather and I were in the kitchen finishing a project (as we are known to do). After a while of complete silence we looked at each other and asked, "where are the kids?" After a brief search in the house, to no avail, I glanced outside and saw a topless little girl roaming the rain drenched streets. She was hopping from puddle to puddle, enjoying herself immensely. Upon seeing this Baker decided that it was unfair that his sister was having fun without him so he darted out the door and immediately dove into a puddle. Before long the entire neighborhood was out laying in the puddles. The two older girls (Alyssa and Mallory) seemed to find particular pleasure in getting Baker to lay on his belly in the puddle and do his best Shamu impersonation. That kid is quite a character. The experience was too cute to not capture on film. Although I captured some of the footage on our camcorder I didn't think to get a little digital clip that I could add to the blog page. You'll be happy to note that we finally dressed our daughter (we didn't think it would be proper to let her roam the streets topless). However, somehow we failed to put our son in something more dashing. You can't see it well in this picture but he had on a 2T onesie. By the time he was done playing in the puddle the part that was suppose to cover his bottom was dragging on the ground in between his legs. It is amazing they let us take our kids anywhere.

How Many Kimballs does it take...?

We were very forunate to have our amazing friendss visit us over Spring Break 2007. The Kimballs are a family that we met while we were in Lubbock, TX. Tom and Andy played basketball on Saturday's and worked together at school (Tom was, and continues to be, a wonderful mentor) . Heather and Melissa became close friends through their heated discussions at book club, some of which actually focused on the book!

Knowing that the Kimballs would be visiting us on their Spring Break I devised a few science projects to keep their minds alert because you know what they idle mind is the devil's workshop. I knew that if they didn't keep their minds occupied they might start concocting bizarre stories like diamond mining dwarfs that save small African Villages. So, in honor of the old tootsie pop commercials, I decided to see how many Kimballs it took to outweigh a Brimhall. What started out as a joke quickly turned into an increased desire to renew my South Beach Diet. I mean look at all those kids. I wish I could say that this experience help me increase my excercise and cut back on sugar. But alas, due to a sweet tooth and a weakened will, I simply have to say, add another small child to the pile. I've heard the saying that it takes a village to raise a child, but, who has heard the one about it taking one large man to raise a village!