Sunday, November 22, 2009

Miracle anyone?

I will be the first to admit that miracles don't always come the way we wish, dream or hope for. But that doesn't stop us from hoping. In college, after I returned from my mission I had the privilege of having Eldon as my one of best friends. My sister moved me into an apartment with a girl he was dating and so began my journey with this incredible man.
I'm not sure I could ever do justice in explaining how we became so close. Suffice it to say, he told me to marry Andy and so I did. That's how much I loved and respected him. I would have climbed mountains and moved worlds for him, I loved him so much. He was there for me in ways and times that were some of my darkest and amazingly enough, some of my brightest. Andy knew he was getting a matched set when he married me, that Eldon would always have a piece of my heart. And the best part was, Andy loved Eldon too. And Eldon was right. Andy was perfect for me.

I'm not sure this is totally blog worthy but I just want to journal the strength of this man. He went through hell and fire and emerged a scarred, beautiful man who can understand the world. He is an angel that I knew before and will know forever. After many years of no contact, Andy gave me the greatest Christmas gift of all. He tracked my "little piece of heart" down and gave me a precious letter from him and that was soon followed by a phone call and a visit last year.

He married the most beautiful woman named Heather, and Andy and I were able to go and attend the wedding in Colorado many years ago. And now he sits by her side as she is slowly slipping away. Without a miracle, she will return to our Heavenly Father and cancer will have beaten her, all in less than 2 years. And she will leave 3 children (age 7 and under) and Eldon behind for awhile as she moves on. My heart breaks for them. I am unsure of why things happen and perhaps we are never meant to know, or perhaps it will all be explained in due time, but for now...I am sad that there are no words or actions that can comfort him. So Eldon, I love you and I pray for you and Heather and especially for your children who may never fully understand. I know you pray for a miracle and I hope and pray you get one. You deserve one. Andy was so grateful that he ran across you in the airport in Denver. We both love and cherish you. Heath & Andis