Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Baker turns 4

These next few posts may be out of order. On December 22nd, Baker officially turned 4. And he swung into this birthday on Spiderman's back. Gone are the days of cars, trains and enter the next reality of webslinging, and fighting the bad guys (as he calls it).

The Green Goblin (who is Spiderman's #1 bad guy) was in for a shock as all the little kids threw their sticky spidermans at him and attempted to knock him out of the sky. The funny thing here is that Baker has never seen a Spiderman cartoon in his life (that I'm aware of) and doesn't even really know who the green goblin is. But he loved getting the bad guy, as did all the other kids.

We had two girls at this party (Katie and Taylor, who represented spidergirl well.) Baker tried to tell Katie she couldn't come since she was too old, but I happily explained that family comes anyway! The webslingers had to work their way through an obstacle course to prove they were real spideys in training. and Once they got their mask, we moved onto presents and cake.

And since I figured this year Spiderman as an action figure would be so much easier than trying to decorate his face in cake, we had this!
So Happy Birthday my dear 4 year old Boy. You have taught me much about wrestling, time management, laughing, how to karate chop, how to annoy your sister, how only two little boys can giggle, where toots come from, how to survive on Peanut butter and jelly and macaroni and cheese for every meal, and most of all, that small packages really do hold great things. I love you!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

And to all a good night

Christmas started early in our house. In fact, I'm surprised we slept at all. This year I remade all the stockings. After last year of having them not quite fit everything, I super sized them. I Love stockings. I love that they are full of such prizes like coloring books, toothbrushes, candy, oranges, toys, nuts, lovies, cereal boxes etc. I think they are some of my favorite things on Christmas morn. So I was super pleased with how much could be stuffed into my new stockings. Plus we all had our names on them!!

Christmas Eve never passes without my dad reading the Night Before Christmas. I don't think it would seem like Christmas Eve if my dad didn't read this book to the children before we hustled them off to bed. It is what I grew up with and I love that my kids get to create this memory with my dad. I'm sure that one day it will fall to Andy, but for now, we love having the patriarch continue this long held tradition.

The boys made quick work of setting up and playing Shake and Go Race Speedway. Santa was good to them and they continued to play with it throughout the entire Christmas break with their cousins.

I helped Giff out with his stocking. He enjoyed just sitting back and watching until he realized there was candy in the stockings as well as gifts. He really liked Christmas then. He takes after his Aunt Missy.

Katie and I began to work on her decoding mystery paper once she opened her detective kit from Santa.

Katie received a detective kit from Santa this year. Along with that came a decoder with a mystery puzzle courtesy of the Backyardigans and her mommy and daddy that she had to solve.
She worked out that the mystery led her to the chalkboard in the toy room. She promptly figured out the word "coffee table" and came running back up stairs. All of this allowed me time to put out the prize.
Her very own male Hamster which she named Lucy!
The boys made quick work of their stockings and loved every minute of the fun of dumping them out.
The family shot of the Brimhalls in their Christmas Jammies. We take the picture first thing in the morning before gifts so that everyone is still happy.

Baker loved all of his gifts this year and many of Griffy's and Katie's as well. He just thought everything was so fun.The highlight of Griffy's Christmas was a lite brite travel kit my mom got him and this other ride along my mom got him. She must be a toddler whisperer because he was so thrilled and rode rampage on everything left in his path.

for Christmas we game my dad his very own critique book. He had made a comment at a dinner party about critiquing the guests and we turned this into one of the funniest jokes. We critique everything now and so for Christmas, we let him have on of his very own.

This is Christmas eve, but would take too long to rearrange the pics. We had a wonderful evening of clam chowder, potato soup, a Nativity play and new pjs with our dear friends and family.
Merry Christmas to ALL!
(ps. are you loving these jammies or what? I painted all the candy canes)