Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A whole world of possibilities

we wait until February to find out the timeline of Andy's future.

Will we stay or go?

 Meanwhile we apply to everything out there...

But I feel confident and peaceful about the start of this new year. 2012...

The year of the snow drought across the USA. I told Andy maybe the Lord's drying out the Earth to prepare it for burning.

Now that didn't sound confident and peaceful did it?   But really, I laugh and go through things and paint and strip wall paper and love my family and friends even more...

Especially one who just volunteers on Christmas Eve (and actually shows up on Christmas Eve) to caulk my shower so that it can be used. Can I say how lucky I am?

We are focusing on family and thankfulness this year. A grateful heart is a great start... so here goes my list                  

I'm Thankful for:
friends that call when they see your depressing blog and even though so much time has passed it is like no time at all, lessons that inspire me, people who are willing to sit with one child who threw up at the park and I have to take the rest of them to ice skating lessons and have a husband who is never home at night, a house that is warm and safe inside, family who will play games with me way late into the night to when little things are so funny we laugh until we can no longer talk, angels that are in my life to help me every step of the way, my dear friend from college who inspires me whenever I think of him, brave soldiers who are out there fighting for me and my children, food that is there and available whenever the moment strikes to eat, a husband who never stops asking if I want him :), my Alice friend who can make me laugh after all these years with her hilarious blog, a little girl that was bitten by a shark but still has her leg (and who has no idea that I lurk on her mom's blog), a faith that keeps me getting up in the morning and goals. oh the goals that I keep setting and whether I achieve them or not, the belief that I can keeps me alive.   How grateful I am today.

so job or no job, despite the limbo,

I feel confident and peaceful.