Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 years, but who's counting?

Griffy woke up to Katie and Baker's sign of celebration. Made all by themselves without any of mom and dad's help :)

February 13th. Griffith Jack Brimhall turns the big 3. And while he potty trained, he assures me constantly that he is my baby!

we celebrated big this year with tickets for the entire family (Plus Griffy's chosen guest Jake and his mom Amy) to see Sesame Street Live. It's one of those things where although we don't actually watch much sesame street, all the kids know who Cookie Monster and Elmo are.

And since we had tickets and Griffy likes Elmo, off we went.
Jake Anson, Griffy, Baker and Cousin Nathan joined in the fun!
This is our second year attending this and definitely what makes the show is the kids! But I have fond memories of seeing Sesame Street on roller skates as a kid so perhaps one day they will remember :)
Here we are, then entire crew after sitting through the play. Way to go Grandparents for coming along :0
And the singing began. Griffy thought it was great to be the center of attention.
And after demolishing Oscar the Grouch, what more could be said. We love you little guy! So far you have been a great delight and so very smart and handsome. You keep us on our toes and you always let us know exactly what you want. We love having you in the family.


Jean McKendrick said...

That's funny, my "baby", Kaden's birthday is on February 13!! He turned 5 this year. :)

melissa said...

why is andy wearing a tie to sesame street?

Jeffrey and Monica said...

looks like he had a fun birthday! We did Elmo Live for Andrew's 2nd birthday and he loved it. Can't go wrong with Elmo!

Melissa said...

Wow! Time is moving way too fast! Has it really been two years since we saw you guys?? That is just wrong! We miss you and wish we were at the party!